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Focus and Viewpoints

First meeting of the ITS Strategy working group

First meeting of the ITS Strategy working group

“The ITS is gaining momentum,” said Paul Dostert, Chairman of the International Commission, commenting on the evolution of the International Tracing Service (ITS) in October 2016. The development of a strategy and system of targets has played an important role in this. Floriane Hohenberg initiated this process just a few weeks into her role as the new ITS Director. The 22 employees on the strategy team were chosen to represent as many different perspectives as possible. In a total of five meetings, the team developed a strategy for the years leading up to 2020 based on the ITS Mission Statement. The International Commission welcomed these new targets and gave the green light for their implementation at its annual meeting in Rome in June 2016.

The ITS system of targets at a glance:

Preservation – We are the guardians of the ITS Memory of the World.

Access – We enable tailored access – locally and globally.

Service – We offer prompt, customized, and competent service.

Network – We constitute the core of the ITS network and are a partner in other relevant networks.

Visibility – We shape remembrance and make the ITS visible internationally.

23 sub-goals define the individual steps that are necessary to succeed in all five areas by 2020.

The new archive building and the visitor center in the main building will play an important role in achieving these objectives and milestones.

  • New archive building

    The plans are gradually moving forward for the new ITS archive building. This new structure near the main building will make it possible to store our documentary heritage in accordance with archival principles. Before construction starts in 2018, many of our holdings will need to be placed in temporary storage because an existing building is going to be torn down. In 2016 we focused on preparing for the move and planning the logistics. A substitute archive was also set up which provides better storage conditions than the room used previously. The German Federal Archives, an institutional partner to the ITS, has confirmed the suitability of the temporary archive.

  • Room for exhibitions

    It is planned that the new building will provide the necessary archive space as well as a multipurpose room to be used for an exhibition on the history of the ITS, among other things. This was decided by the International Commission in 2016. The exhibition will provide visitors with a vivid overview of the institution, its work with victims of Nazi persecution, and less familiar aspects of postwar history.

  • Visitor center

    Parallel to this, other auxiliary buildings will be vacated in the coming years, and the main building will be redesigned to house a new visitors’ center. This should also simplify our working processes and save rental costs so that more resources can be applied to our projects.